Paralympic javelin champion hopes to become a four-time gold medalist at the World Para Athletics Championships

Javelin thrower Hollie Arnold has won Paralympic, European, Commonwealth and three world titles, but she wants more at the World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai.

“I’m always motivated and still want more!” she says. “I currently hold all four titles, but I’d still love to go to Dubai and achieve more.

“I’m currently triple world champion, but if I could go out there and win the gold medal, I could become a quadruple champion, which is unreal.

“People think I’ve won all these medals and that’s that, but for me I want to continue pushing, every set and every mile, it makes it all worth it. I’ve always wanted to set myself goals, both small and large – I’ll never stop until it’s no longer possible.”

Arnold, who competes in the F46 javelin final on Monday, reveals she has started playing squash to complement her throws training, too.

“I occasionally do ‘fun’ cardio,” she explains. “I’ve taken up squash and I really like it. It’s fun, and active, you don’t even realise you’re doing a good workout for an hour or so.

“You need that fun element because training is hard and I don’t always enjoy it, but when you put fun stuff in it makes training a bit easier.”

Arnold was with wheelchair racer Kare Adenegan at a Nike FlyEase event and Adenegan added: “I’m really excited about Dubai. It will be my third world championships so that should be quite fun.

“I’ve progressed as an athlete quite a lot since I started so I’m hoping as I have been progressing though getting medals: silvers, bronzes. Maybe it will be time to actually win gold.”

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