Advertorial: Discover Brooks’ new fit and design philosophy, Run Signature

At Brooks the goal is to inspire everyone to run and be active. When designing and developing footwear, the focus is on creating shoes that deliver an incredible experience, improve running performance and reduce the risk of injuries. That’s why Brooks is constantly seeking a better understanding of running biomechanics to maintain their position as the thought leader in the running industry.

Run Signature is the most holistic and personalised experience out there for analysing how your body wants to run. That, in turn, helps you to find your favourite shoe.

The result of years of research Brooks has conducted in partnership with two pioneers in footwear research – Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brueggemann, Director of the Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopedics at the German Sport University of Cologne, and Prof. Dr. Joseph Hamill, Director of the Biomechanics Lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst – the Run Signature team discovered that all runners, including those at the highest elite level, have their own unique way of running and that embracing their natural movement can keep them more comfortable, efficient and happier.

There is only one you and your unique running style. Brooks assesses the way your body naturally wants to run and offers the right shoe to fit your run, your way. Celebrate your individuality with every step you take.

A Shoe For Every Run. Find Yours.

The best shoe for you combines how much guidance your stride needs and the way you want your run to feel.

From your hips down to your ankles, your body has a natural alignment it wants to follow as you run. It’s not about correcting how you run, it’s about guiding your body along its natural path to enhance your run.

“Pronation has become demonised as the root of all ills but it is an important function in the human body,” says Brooks Tech Rep Manager, Steve Wales. “Some people will pronate more than others because it suits their joint geometry to do so.”

Then, decide on your preferred running experience – cushion, energise, connect or speed?

Brooks shoes are designed to match your needs.

“By involving the runner in choosing what they want to feel we can move from diagnosis to dialogue,” adds Wales. “Run Signature is science, intuition and experience working together.”

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