There are many variations on the classic yoga pose, the pigeon. Here, Lexie Williamson explains how to perform the ultimate deep stretch

The pigeon stretch, in all its formations, is excellent for targeting your glutes, piriformis, ITB, adductors, hip and hamstring muscles – just about every area in the lower body that gets tight when you are an athlete.

Start in the ‘runner’s lunge’ position – move on to all fours, step your right foot up between your hands and sink your hips. Relax into the floor.

Slowly lower your right knee to the floor, then shuffle your right foot slightly over to your left side, making sure that foot is flexed to protect your knee joint.

Bend your back leg and reach your right hand back to hold the left foot at the ankle.

The left leg should be in contact with the floor just above the kneecap, rather than directly on the joint.

Hold the position for as long as is comfortable before changing sides.

» Lexie Williamson is a certified yoga teacher and author of Yoga For Runners (Bloomsbury, £16.99)