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Although not all online bettors like athletics, this sport is slowly becoming the preferred option in many countries outside Africa. Thanks to the good odds and a variety of markets, desktop and mobile bettors who choose it can find many options.

While talking about mobile betting, some things provide more options than others. In fact, the Betfred app makes it easy for you to place bets and use all features and bonuses, regardless if you are trying to bet on athletics or any other sport. The same applies to people using mobile sites for online gambling, but the apps offer better options.

Placing bets on athletics using an app has a lot of advantages that most people are not aware of. Therefore, it is time to learn more about them and see what people can expect to find.

Mobile apps allow athletics fans to watch the races from their handheld devices

Betting on athletics will allow people to choose from a wide range of events that take place worldwide. With that said, not all of them are short, meaning users will need to watch the action in real time if they want to bet on live races. This won’t be a problem for some bettors, but the majority of sports gamblers don’t have the time, so they’re looking for alternatives that will allow them to watch the same events on their mobile devices and bet on them.

People who like this sport and want to have an alternative when betting on it can access the live betting options via a mobile app. Not all apps are the same, but the best ones will always include all the athletic competitions on the desktop site. This also includes all markets and odds.

Some of the best applications will also provide mobile bettors with numerous features and even bonuses that are often not available to desktop bettors.

There are cases where people can scan QR codes while watching the races and access special perks

Some online bookmakers are always looking for new ways of gaining new customers, so they often decide to advertise what they offer. To achieve this, companies decide to sponsor some of the biggest competitions in the world of athletics because they know those things will attract a lot of customers.

Besides offering special markets and odds for some things, confident bookies will offer unique options to those watching the event. However, the only way to access them is by scanning a QR code leading them to the prize.

In terms of the unique perks, they can come in different forms and usually depend on the specific event. However, the most common ones include a deposit bonus, extra odds, or a unique feature that’s only available to some people.

Athletics is among the few sports that bookies can provide more markets for if users use a mobile device

Since many brands want to make sure their apps reach out to as many customers as possible, they provide them with a variety of perks. Many of them are universal, meaning that people who bet on all sports can use them, but since operators also want to adhere to special groups of people, they often target some of the sports that don’t always have that many fans among gamblers.

Athletics is one of them because many fans of this sport haven’t decided to bet on it yet. Bookies realise that the potential exists, so they try to promote their apps while attracting new customers who like this sport. This explains why some companies have so many things that make it special.