A look at how the 23-year-old from Kenya managed to run 2:00:35 at the Chicago Marathon this year

Kelvin Kiptum is one of the most charismatic figures in the captivating world of marathon running. His remarkable accomplishments on the track have captivated fans and competitors alike, and many have speculated as to the source of his success. Kiptum’s training methods, which are a combination of commitment, discipline, and creativity, have set him apart from the competition in the long-distance running world.

If you’re unaware, Kiptum shattered the men’s world record marathon in Chicago on October 8, the 23-year-old finished in a time of two hours and 35 seconds. For his age, that is incredible and I’m sure he will be participating in a lot more competitions. Therefore, you can use the online platform onlinekladionice.com and gain access to the wide range of markets once they become available. Nevertheless, in this article, we will be looking at the some of Kiptum’s training regimen.

Varied Training and Altitude Training: One of the keys to Kiptum’s marathon success is his ability to train on different types of terrain. He mixes up his training with flat roads, hills, and even tough trails. He also uses altitude training to his advantage, often running at high altitudes where the air quality is thin, allowing his body to adjust and perform well under difficult conditions.

Unwavering Discipline: Kiptum is renowned for his unwavering commitment to his training regimen. He is an early riser, waking up with a determined attitude. He devotes a significant amount of time each day to perfecting his skills, pushing himself to the limit, and striving for excellence. This dedication is the driving force behind his success.

Mental Strength: Kiptum recognises that marathon running is a mental challenge as much as a physical one. To prepare for the race, he engages in mindfulness and mental exercises to improve concentration, endurance and determination. Kiptum’s ability to remain mentally composed during challenging races gives him an advantage over his opponents.

Kelvin Kiptum (Getty)

Rest and Recovery: Despite his rigorous training regimen, rest and recovery is a priority for Kiptum. He recognizes the significance of providing his body with the opportunity to recover, repair and develop. Kiptum’s recovery plan includes adequate sleep, adequate nutrition and regular massage sessions, which enable him to maintain optimal performance levels during races.

Expert Coaches: Kiptum’s training is carefully planned and precise and that is because he collaborates with highly skilled coaches and sports researchers who assess his performance data to ensure that all aspects of his training are optimized for optimal performance. From monitoring his heart rate to analysing his biomechanical condition, his training is precisely calibrated.