AW readers can receive a discount on their next caffeine chew order

Caffeine Bullet is a caffeine chew formulated specifically for running performance. Each chew has 100mg caffeine (a strong cup of coffee) and as you chew the caffeine is absorbed in your mouth directly into your bloodstream, for a caffeine kick in only five minutes – peaking three times faster than all energy gels, drinks, caffeine pills and coffee.

Caffeine Bullets allow you to train and race harder for longer, without having to tie your caffeine intake to sickly gels or have the empty calories of energy drinks sloshing around your stomach.

We’ve negotiated an exclusive 25% discount using code KickFaster just for you. Each packet has four energy chews and comes in MINTense or chocoLIT orange, so grab yourself a packet today – ‘there’s a Personal Best in every pack’.

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Offer code expires on December 31, 2020.

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