Off-road events include the Assembly League at Beckenham and Ted Pepper 10km in Bromley

Assembly League 5km, Beckenham, May 5

After last being run in 2019, the league (first ran in 1976) returned using the Beckenham parkrun course which includes some tough cross-country sections.

British masters cross-country champion Ed Chuck won but only after going off course in the last kilometre with his Dulwich team-mate Jack Ramm and losing over 10 seconds.

Chuck did though manage to make up for his error with a furious late burst and won by a second from Dame Dibaba, who led the English National up the first hill this year. Ramm, 63rd in the English National, was third and with five in the first seven as Dulwich won easily.

Runners-up Kent went one better in the women’s race and achieved a clean sweep of the top three even though one of their leading runners Lara Bromilow turned her ankle badly and had to retire.

Brighton Marathon third-placer Sarah Hanley dominated the race to win in 18:14 from W55 Clare Elms with Claire Oxlade third.


1 E Chuck Dulw R 15:46
2 D Dibaba Kent 15:47
3 J Ramm Dulw R 15:52

Ed Chuck leads past Beckenham Lake (Jonathan Whittaker)

4 D Pettitt Kent AC 16:08
5 A Bond Dulw R M45 16:15
6 R Armstrong Dulw R 16:16
7 B Howe Dulw R 16:19
8 R Donohue Ravens 16:20
9 P Lighting Kent AC M40 16:23
10 J Brotchie Dulw R 16:30
11 T Brooke Camb H 16:33
12 B Day Kent AC 16:36
13 D Kennedy Ravens 16:39
14 J Mcdonald Camb H M40 16:44
15 A Wilson Dulw R 16:46
16 J Hallsworth Dulw R 16:49
17 T South Dulw R M45 16:55
18 A Russell Dulw R M40 17:01
19 A Other Kent AC17:02
20 L Martin Camb H 17:03

M50: W Pitt Kent 17:46
M60: R Beardsworth Kent 19:28
M70: J Spencer-Wood 22:45

1 S Hanley Kent 18:14
2 C Elms Kent W55 18:48
3 C Oxlade Kent 19:26
4 J Singer Stock E W40 19:32
5 K Sheedy Dulw R 19:49

W45: A Osborne Beck 20:30
W50: V Carter Stock E 20:41
W55: 2 S Dixon Camb H 20:42
W65: J Quantrill Dulw R 24:50
W70: C Steward Dulw R 28:25


1 J Baker (House RC) 33:44; 2 M Wilkes 36:05; 3 M Randall (S’end) 36:31

1 S Migliorini (LoS) 40:26; 2 E Johnson (LoS) 41:25; 3 D Coyle (Bark) 42:23


Overall (5km):
1 M Britton (Weald Tri) 18:55; 2 S Smith (20:20 Running Club) 19:13; 3 A Seager (S Kent, W) 20:15

1 Seager 20:15; 2 C Wood (Arena, W55) 21:51; 3 J Crouch (20:20 Running Club) 22:41

Overall (10km):
1 F Irving 39:52; 2 T Evans (M45) 43:06; 3 N Mileham (M40) 43:09

1 L Martlew (20:20 Running Club) 44:20; 2 C Smith 50:58; 3 N Race (W45) 51:56

Ted Pepper 10km, Bromley, May 2

This race is held in memory of Blackheath Harrier Ted Pepper who lost his life in the Three Peaks race in 1978 after straying off course.

It started as a seven-mile road race in 1979 won by Olympic marathoner Barry Watson and was switched to a 10km in 1991 but has effectively been a trail and cross-country race since 2012.

Having first been successful 15 years ago, W55 Clare Elms won the women’s race for a record seventh time by over two minutes from Ruth Aylward (42:21) and finished fifth overall in 39:58.

Fellow Kent masters champion Micah Evans, a M40 competitor, was equally dominant in the men’s race in a time of 36:32 despite a calf problem with M50 Tony Crowder second (39:10).

1 M Evans (B&B, M40) 36:32; 2 T Crowder (B&B, M50) 39:10; 3 S Hough (B&B, M45) 39:19

M55: 1 D Connelly 41:45; 2 T Tuohy (Dulw) 42:02

Clare Elms

1 C Elms (Kent, W55) 39:58; 2 R Aylward (Beck) 42:23; 3 C Norris (Dulw, W45) 44:42; 4 S Birch (Petts, W35) 44:53; 5 J Keene (B&B) 45:03

KENILWORTH MAY DAY MAYDAY! 10km, Kenilworth, May 1

1 C Carson (Kenil, M50) 39:39; 2 S Weaving (Dav RR) 40:41; 3 J Chick (Kenil, M35) 41:48

1 N Johnston (Kenil) 47:58; 2 E Handley (Sphin) 52:22; 3 E Reid (Kenil) 53:25

CITY OF SALFORD WOMEN’S 5.25, Greater Manchester, May 1

1 C Andrew (Warr, W40) 32:52; 2 C Elliott (Salf Met) 33:17; 3 K Geelan (Bury, W45) 33:31

W40: 2 B Brennan (Bramhall) 33:50

W55: 1 L Rawlinson (Leigh) 34:2; 2 C Capsey (Swinton) 34:17

W60: 1 A Ferguson (Burnden R) 39:51

W65: 1 A Hirsch (B Vue) 39:46

W70: 1 M Sale (Salf Met) 46:05

FEN DRAYTON 10km, May 1

Overall (10M):
1 M Amos (Hunts) 33:46; 2 C Pearson (M40) 36:33; 3 A Kerr (Craw, M40) 36:56

1 E Mitka (W40) 41:57; 2 E Sweatt (Ely) 44:52; 3 T Brazier (W50) 48:54

SHREWSBURY POINT TO POINT 10km, Upton Magna, Shropshire, May 1

1 P Aston (Shrop) 33:37; 2 I Whalley 34:40; 3 D Seager 36:34

1 H Wells 41:40; 2 E Jefferys 41:45; 3 U Wakeman 41:57

WILLOW VALLEY FLYER, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, May 1

Overall (7.5M):
1 A Smith (S’waite, M40) 44:22; 2 S Wood (R’town, M40) 48:11; 3 A Sales (N’ram) 48:57

1 M Smith (S’waite, W40) 61:17; 2 K Hallas (W40) 62:18; 3 R Johnson (TRA, W40) 62:35


After his 15:45 latest 5km victory in the Portsmouth Lakeside series mid-week, another Parkrun win came on Saturday before James Baker posted his 998th career first place here, Martin Duff reports.

Over the tough south-downs terrain, that claimed quite a few fallers and linking the three ancient medieval forts, Baker was content to play a waiting game and allow Jack Oates to build up a sizeable lead before running him down and then eschewing the offer of a staged tie.

Baker said: “I ran it in a completely different way to usual, as I held back for six miles in fourth place. The leader Jack Oates was about 50 seconds ahead of me before I decided to close him down and was just behind at the turnaround point at 11 miles.”

Baker then settled in behind his quarry for just over four miles before inching ahead at 15 miles. The 45-year-old then explained that his pre-race plan had been to stick with the leader and then pull clear with a few miles to go.

That is how it then played out and Baker added: “we then ran together at a good pace until 25 miles, when I made a decisive move on the descent.”

The women’s section was headed by Triathlete Lindy-Lee Folscher in 3:32:38

Overall (27.2M, 3450ft):
1 J Baker (Chich R, M45) 3:01:08; 2 J Oates 3:01:52; 3 S Beedell (WG&EL) 3:17:12; 4 T Beedell (WG&EL) 3;17:12; 5 J Ticehurst 3:29:09

1 L Folscher (Tri Anglia) 3:32;38; 2 A Enes (T Zone) 4:18:01; 3 N Warman 4:29:05

Overall (13.1M, 1500ft approx):
1 J Corbett (Phoe) 79:50

1 J Wilson 94:33

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