AW promotion: Built for adventure, the HONOR Watch GS Pro will see you from the slopes to the trails

The HONOR Watch GS Pro launched under the theme of “Dare to Explore” and with its rugged design and exceptional battery life it’s a smartwatch that’s certainly built for adventure. Thanks to the 25-day battery, comprehensive outdoor functionality and exceptional design, this high-tech gear is designed perfectly for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, as well as running.

Boasting a slew of sophisticated outdoor navigation and fitness tracking features, it allows everyone to elevate their sporting experience, from running to rowing and skiing to swimming.

Put to the test

Skier and viral internet sensation Philipp Klein Herrero (pictured, top) has been putting the HONOR Watch GS Pro through its paces on both snow and soil, using his smartwatch for skiing as well as other activities to compliment his training regime.

“I usually train every day to make sure I stay fit for my adventures in the mountains,” he explains. “I try to mix my training up and practise different sports every day so it stays interesting!

“As much fun as it is to run, cross-train, cycle and climb, it is difficult to keep track of your progress and level of fitness as each sport requires different measures. The HONOR Watch GS Pro is both a smartwatch and fitness tracker with over 100 workout modes to choose from. The convenience and ease of toggling between these modes is a major draw for my active lifestyle, I really like how I can consolidate all my training sessions and still get notifications from my phone! Moreover, I can easily keep tabs on my performance by accessing the Health App1 on my smartphone.”

The HONOR Watch GS Pro is equipped with an HD speaker for voice reminders, allowing users to receive feedback on their performance and data with greater ease and clarity, a useful feature when in the mountains. At the end of each run, the HONOR Watch GS Pro will notify users on information such as ski time, trail distance, heart rates and speed alerts. For safety reasons, voice reminders will be deactivated during runs and will be activated again when the smartwatch detects that the user is in a safe environment. This happens when the smartwatch detects that users are not in “gliding” status, for example, walking or enter a cable car.

On the multi-sport features, Klein Herrero adds: “The HONOR Watch GS Pro allows me to measure the effectiveness of my ski training by measuring my heart rate and workout intensity. It will then score me on a scale of 1 being Low Impact and 5 being Extreme. Markers like this help me decide if I should intensify my workouts or take a break

“The HONOR Watch GS Pro also does a good job in measuring my sleep quality and stress level, features that help me manage my overall physical and mental well-being. This metric has actually helped me the most as now I can see how much and how well I’m sleeping, which often influences my level of performance the next day. This is valuable data to understand more about my body.”

Built to endure the elements and the toughest of environments, the HONOR Watch GS Pro can withstand 14 military-grade testing procedures for everything from waterproofing to extreme temperatures, humidity and altitude.

It has a built-in altitude barometer which is able to indicate users’ altitude by measuring the surrounding air pressure recordings. This is particularly useful for navigation in higher parts of the mountain, when altitude measuring of GPS may experience discrepancies. Closely monitoring blood oxygen level is critical in ensuring a safe experience, especially at high altitudes. The HONOR Watch GS Pro is equipped with a SpO2 monitor that allows users to track their body’s performance by measuring the blood oxygen levels.

It can also help to plan the day ahead and ensure the user stays plugged in to their surroundings with useful outdoor information including sunrise and sunset times, moon and tidal phases and bad weather alerts, while the built-in speaker and microphone means they save the hassle of constantly bringing out their phone, so they can answer calls no matter where they are.

“As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors and facing the elements, I need my gear to follow my rhythm and not break apart when things don’t go as smoothly as I want,” says Klein Herrero. “The HONOR Watch GS Pro thankfully is plenty resistant and able to withstand wear and tear in the outdoors.

“On a safety level, the Route Back function and long battery life are great for days when I want to go on longer adventures and expeditions as it gives me peace of mind that I will be able to return safely.

“I was very surprised with how light and comfortable the watch feels,” he continues. “In alpine climbing and backcountry skiing, every gram counts, so when I heard about the long battery life I was worried it was going to be too heavy. Fortunately, the opposite is true.

“It’s not designed like a brick and blends in well for casual nights out. I have even been rocking the watch at the office lately!”

The HONOR Watch GS Pro currently retails at the special rate of £199.99. Click HERE to take advantage of the offer.

The HONOR Watch GS Pro is available in Charcoal Black, Marl White and Camo Blue colours.

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[1] Huawei Health App

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