The second winner in our Brooks competition series,  Chris O’Brien explains what makes him Run Happy

Sunday January 26, 2014 was a good day!

Angled Polaroid 1 Chris O'BrienSure, as I stood on the start line of the Romsey 5 mile at 9:45 in 5°C, I did think I was insane. The wind howling and the rain driving so hard it felt like needles on my bare arms and legs. Yes, I was that runner that easily overheats so was sporting a vest and shorts.

As I huddled closer to the middle of the group to stop my teeth from chattering and knees from knocking, I wondered whether, despite my warm-up, my legs would simply refuse to move when the gun finally went.

Once off and into my rhythm, all that changed. I cast aside the powerful gusts of wind that threatened to stop me in my tracks. I shunned the relentless downpour that added extra ounces to my otherwise lightweight kit. I even managed my signature happy smile every time I passed the photographer.

Angled Polaroid 2 Chris O'BrienI ran into the face of the weather and won, taking one minute off my previous PB to set a time of 32:30. Yes, Sunday January 26, 2014 was a good day!

This is why I run. I run to race and when I race, I Run Happy Races!


Brooks believes in the transformative power of the run. The run can turn a day – or a life – completely around and can flat-out change the world.

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Each month we will pick our favourite story. Not only will it appear in Athletics Weekly, but the owner of that story will receive Brooks kit including footwear, a jacket and a tee.

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