Become a sports star and watch some alternative action on broadcaster Rob Walker’s new show

Lockdown Live offers sports fans the chance to follow in the footsteps, or dumper truck tracks, of stars such as Igglepiggle and Peter Rabbit to create some lighthearted televised action for audiences around the world to enjoy.

The coronavirus outbreak has decimated the sporting calendar and restricted people to their own homes and gardens, but broadcaster Rob Walker doesn’t believe that should be a reason for sport, or commentating, to stop.

He’s calling on people to submit their own footage, which he will commentate on, so they can star in future editions of his show.

“Lockdown Live is the alternative sports show helping you and your family beat the virus blues,” the World Athletics commentator tells AW.

“It’s simply a way to encourage families and children to think creatively, be active and have some fun.

“When it started I couldn’t work out whether I was going a bit bonkers or not but it seems to have struck a chord with the public,” he adds.

“The reaction so far has been amazing and I have videos coming in from people all over the world.

“One guy has been in touch from Hong Kong after running a marathon in his lounge. He did 5350 laps of his living room and it took four and half hours.

“As someone who has grown up watching and then subsequently commentating on athletics, I would love clubs and young athletes in particular to get in touch and send me their footage.

“I’ll look them up on Power of 10 and try and weave their PBs into whatever random events they are doing!”

There are only three rules for submitting content, Walker adds. “No nudity, no swearing and please film it sideways as it’s much easier to edit.”

Check out the first four episodes below and on YouTube at Lockdown Live. The official Instagram account @lockdownlive2020 also has updates and a link where footage can be uploaded.

Recently Walker was among the commentators to cover Scottish javelin record-holder James Campbell’s #6MetreGardenMarathon challenge, which saw him complete 26.2 miles in his six-metre-long back garden and raise over £27,000 for the NHS.

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