Will athletes be training or resting this Christmas Day? We asked some of Britain’s track and field stars

British 100m and 200m record-holder and world and Olympic relay medallist Dina Asher-Smith
“I won’t be training on Christmas Day, but I will be on Boxing Day.

“I love spending time with family and I will enjoy my day with them, but we normally have track on Tuesdays and Boxing Day is a Tuesday so…”

2:09:49 marathoner Dewi Griffiths
“The last couple of years my usual routine has been to do a long run in the morning before eating my body weight in food and spending the rest of the day with my family.

“This year, due to my hamstring issue, I won’t be training and will enjoy the day eating good food and being with my family.”

Olympic finalist and European indoor 3000m medallist Eilish McColgan
“Spending Christmas in Doha is a little different as it’s obviously not a holiday that is celebrated over here so it’s pretty easy to continue training – gyms and tracks are all open. But with Christmas falling on a Monday I’ll be sticking to my normal training programme and going for an easy 5-mile run.

“I’ll get that done in the morning whilst everyone’s asleep and then enjoy the rest of the day with my family. My two little brothers, my mum and her husband John all run too, so we will probably have a group run in the morning before the festivities begin!”

BUCS champion and English National and Inter-Counties cross country runner-up Alex Teuten
“Christmas Day is a Monday so it will be my usual Monday double run day; typically 7 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon. The latter may be a bit slower seeing as I’ll be laden with Christmas lunch with the family!

“It will be a big gathering of us as usual; 16 of us this year.”

British pole vault record-holder Holly Bradshaw
“Christmas Day and the whole Christmas period for me is all about family. I spend so much time away from them throughout the year, the least I could do is spend the most special time of the year with them.

“I will be having Christmas Day off training for sure, the one day of the year pole vault can take a back seat in my mind. Pole vault means the world to me but so does my family and Christmas is about them and creating amazing memories with them.”

Paralympic, world and European champion and multiple world record-holder Hannah Cockroft
“I’m actually spending Christmas Day in a wood cabin in Lapland! No presents and definitely no training, just lots of food and my family.

“My brother lives out there and we’ve talked about spending a Christmas there every year for the last four years but training commitments have never allowed it. Finally, with a fairly quiet competitive season next year, we’ve made the trip.”

World 4x100m champion and 200m fourth-placer Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake
“My Christmas Day plans are to spend time with family and enjoy the food.

“I’ll probably do a training circuit but that won’t take up too much. It’ll be a day mostly spent with family and watching sports.”

Paralympic and world medallist Stef Reid
“Christmas Day will be just my husband Brent and I. The way that our work and competition/training schedules worked out this year, we didn’t have much time together. So we will probably sleep late, eat Christmas dinner, then we will see friends in the evening for a Christmas tipple and tea!

“I will ‘exercise’ on Christmas Day, but I won’t train. I love to move, I love to feel my heart pounding. It is nice to have a break from speed endurance workouts and simply run because it makes me happy!

“We try and do as many fun things with friends and family as we can at Christmas. It is the one time of year our holiday schedule matches everyone else. Athletes can’t do very much during the summer holidays!”

Olympic sixth-place 20km race walker Tom Bosworth
“If it’s a normal training day then that’s what I will do. This year Christmas falls on a Monday, usually two walks and gym, however with no gyms likely to be open I imagine coach will stick me down for something like 10-15km to do in the morning. Then sit back and enjoy the day.

“It’s one of the few a year I get to spend with family, that’s just as good for you as going training! A bit of normality.”

World marathon 13th-placer Charlotte Purdue
“I’ve just raced in Japan and I’m not arriving back in the UK until late on Christmas Eve, so my plans for Christmas Day are to sleep and recover!

“I’m going back to Australia after New Year so I’m spending the time over Christmas this year relaxing before a big block of hard work begins.”

Multiple European Cross and track medallist Emelia Gorecka
“As Christmas Day falls on a Monday, I will be doing one or two easy runs, which is reflective of a typical training Monday for me. I may even squeeze in a recovery nap, tactically placed after our Christmas dinner! But the main focus of my day will be spending time with my family, cooking lovely food and playing board games!”

World 4x100m champion and overall IAAF Diamond League 100m winner Chijindu Ujah
“My Christmas Day plans are as always to spend time with the family and tuck into a nice big turkey! And maybe have a glass of champagne.

“I’ll take 2-3 days downtime but my body and mind don’t like much time off as I’ve got a routine going. It’s definitely good to take some days off and spend time with family though, as I have been based in the States.

“I’d like to wish all Athletics Weekly readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

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